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Shalom – Peace

As a young child, Hope faced multiple panic attacks; her heart pounded out of her chest, breath was restricted and her body felt sucked into the earth. Questions like; “What happens to me after I die, is there only darkness and nothing and why am I here?”, flooded her mind, preventing her sleep and darkening her moods. When finally, years later, she convinced herself that the answers are coming and the rest is in God’s hands. This stopped her panic attacks and awakened her to the power of thoughts and beliefs.

Hope realized that her name also had power. Being born with this name, formed her strong belief that having hope was very important in her life and the lives of others.

As a result, through focus, she elevated her hopeful and joyful spirit. She continued to use the power of affirmations and a positive mental attitude to uplift and inspire herself.

Family and friends had a major influence on her personal identity. Her parents and grandmother, were instrumental in reinforcing and encouraging her singing and artistic endeavors. 

She was blessed with years of vocal and performance training which she immensely enjoyed.

As a result, Hope had a very successful career as a nightclub performer and recording artist for over 35 years. Her mother was an artist and these creative genes lived and flowed in Hope, as well. After receiving her art education from the Art Center of Design in California and the University of Illinois, she followed her creative path, becoming a published illustrator and author.

While being a full time entrepreneur, wife and mother of an adorable baby girl, a plant grow light fell off its perch and destroyed her house. Her still small voice warned her before leaving the house but she didn’t listen to it. She realized that her intuition was very strong and to listen more closely to its guidance which since then, has saved her life multiple times. This still small voice is God.

She shifted her attention to prayer and meditation and after seven years of Jewish Cantorial education, she received her ordination at Hebrew Union College/School of Sacred Music. In 2002, her first cantorial position was at B’nai Torah Congregation in Highland Park, Illinois. She served for 12 years, inspiring, uplifting and connecting worshippers to God.

Throughout her life, she has experienced chronic pain, bodily injuries, major surgeries and atrial fibrillation due to stress. Meditation has allowed her to transcend the pain and accept “what is” without creating a story about it. This ability to transform and transmute the States of Mind filled with fear, anxiety and worry, has led Hope to remember and rediscover her True Self.


The first step to awakening is to ask the question,“WHO AM I?” We were born knowing this truth until our mind formed our identity, personality, opinions, judgments and ideas, of who we think we really are,” says Hope

Currently, Hope is devoting herself to validating herself and others. She practices the Law of Attraction and understands how important it is to make our own happiness our number one priority.

Value-U ™ is our gift to you!! May it guide and point your way to your Awakened Self, because you deserve to BE the peace, love and joy that is the perfume of your True Self.

Hope’s current book on creativity called, “Jackie and Creativity go to School,” guides children to discover their True Self through the characters and their creative adventures together.

See and hear the characters at 

And enjoy her newest CD, “One Heart”  which is downloadable at

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