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Where you can discover your value and become a powerful, peaceful, energized new you step by step starting with our propriety 21 Day Meditation Series thru finding community connection with many others.


Paint your own masterpiece of you with us

Value-U™ is the perfect canvas to give you a creative space to learn and grow

As your imagination and vision of who you really are brightens and shines forth, you realize your TRUE colors. This vibrant seeing beyond your predictable reality, awakens your creative spirit and higher consciousness.

Mastering your Self requires bold brushes with playful sweeps of random color and texture.

To BE PRESENCE and allow each stroke to reveal its perfection, moment by moment.

To BE THE WITNESS of your creation through the EYES OF CREATOR

Mastery of Self, requires a strong desire TO BE the WITNESS of life beyond the mind’s habitual thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

True learning requires a desire to be open, curious and eager to go beyond the patterned States of Mind which restricts and limits growth and expansion.

A daily intentional practice is necessary to rewire, harmonize and align your mind, body and spirit.

You will discover your true FREEDOM. You will desire to be of service to others in a powerful new way. You will feel limitless and expansive in your capacity to make a tremendous difference in the world.

Being joyful is the perfume of your awakened state. As your life enriches and becomes more awake, peaceful and loving, your enjoyment and playfulness intensifies.


Everyone Needs HOPE.

Especially today. The levels of stress over the emerging COVID19 (Novel Coronavirus) pandemic continues to increase daily. Stress is the number one cause of most illnesses and that is why it is extremely important to VALUE yourself. This means to put your wellbeing FIRST.

That is why Lynda Hope is gifting you this opportunity to start a life changing 21 day journey towards self-validation.

Lynda has dedicated herself to serving the spiritual and emotional needs of others for over 30 years. Beginning with transcendental meditation as a teenager, she continued learning from other wisdom traditions.



Learn How To Be Calm & Peaceful.

Simply join our mailing list and download the “Day One” Meditation, then listen to each consecutive day.

Receiving her meditation teaching degree from the Institute of Jewish Spirituality, she adds sacred Hebrew chants to intensify and amplify the energetic messages.

As a cantor and chaplain, she has comforted and uplifted patients and their loved ones, with songs of healing and hope. As a worship leader, she knows the power of intentional prayer.


Find and keep value for you.

Having participated in countless week long silent retreats, Lynda knows how to live in the moment, quiet her mind and connect to the divine within the sound of silence.

Her strong belief in God and her dedication and ability to help others validate and love themselves is powerfully communicated in these daily meditations.   

We hope you will find her teachings transformative so that you can truly appreciate and love yourself. 

It Takes 21 Days To Form A Routine

Our 21 Day Meditation Series, provides an easy, practical approach to begin your meditation journey to make routine possible

Our Content Is Constantly Developing For You. Available on Desktop, Pad and Mobile. Watch the video and see how Value-U™ Can Make A Difference For You.

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